Our History

Crown Alloys Company was founded in 1975 by Ms. Carola Vogel and Mr. Harry Hammond to meet the growing welding alloys needs of an expanding manufacturing industry in the Midwest. Focused on providing a wide range of alloy products, the company has grown to now offer over 1200 different alloys products sold under the Crown Alloys brand.


After Mr. Hammond passed away, Carola led Crown Alloys as a female owned business for 45 years. Her son Christian Hoffmann joined the business over 40 years ago and has served as an integral leader of the company, providing exceptional technical expertise and customer care. He continues to be sought out nationally and internationally for his vast expertise and knowledge about welding products and techniques.  As the company grew, it relocated its facilities several times and is now proudly located in Madison Heights, MI – a northern suburb of the Detroit metropolitan area. In 2020, the company sadly shared that Carola passed away after a long battle with cancer.


Recognizing the need to add additional resources, in 2021, the company added Dan and Beth Asma, who have also invested in the company. With experience in sales, marketing, and operations they bring skills that will help maintain the company’s exceptional service levels while supporting continued sales growth for our distributors. They join a team with over 75 years of combined welding experience who remain committed to ensuring that welding projects in the United States are supported with the highest quality welding alloys.



Our mission remains the same as it has been since the company was founded. Provide exceptional service while offering a wide variety of welding alloy products to support the needs of the marketplace.

The Royal Line™

Alloys designed specifically for Maintenance and Repair Welding


Based on years of demand and research for alloy products that are required for difficult to weld maintenance and repair projects, Crown Alloys Company developed a unique line of alloys which offer quality standards and product formulations only available in The Royal Line™.


What is Maintenance & Repair Welding?
• Metal to be welded is often rusty, scaly, oily, dirty, or even painted.
• Many welds must be made in hard-to-reach spaces with hard fit up.
• Exact chemistry of metals to be welded is seldom known.


Why is The Royal Line™ the choice for Maintenance and Repair Welding?


Batch produced alloys using shorter production runs
More quality control production measures
Consistent size, shape, and performance
Meet and exceed all mechanical requirements of standard AWS production alloys


Far superior spatter and smoke control
Far superior strike and restrike properties, and slag removal
Fortified with additional cleaning agents, deoxidizers, nuclients, degassifiers, and arc stabilizers.

Guaranteed successful welding of metals that are rusty, scaly, oily, or painted.
Refined Grained / pharmaceutical grade compounds in flux coatings
Extended shelf life
Won’t flake, peel, or crumble – even when welding rods are bent
Engineered to be compatible with a wide range of applications
Designed to successfully join many different types of alloys together
Exclusive formulations only available from Crown Alloys Company


What alloy types are included in The Royal Line?
• Aluminum
• Cast Iron
• Copper Based
• Hard Facing Alloys
• Nickel Alloys
• Stainless Steel
• Steel
• Tool and Die
• Titanium
• Zinc